James van de Merbel

As a child, James was fascinated by the workings of a coffee vending machine. He wondered how the machine could know things like the value of the coin he inserted and which liquid to pour into the cup. Later, when he was a student information technology, he realized that it wasn’t enough for him to learn about coding and connecting wires; it was the bigger picture that captivated him. In addition to studying information technology James therefore pursued a degree in business administration and specialized in the alignment of the two. Ultimately, James’s passion for digital transformations, business analytics and artificial intelligence is the driving force behind his success. 

James is also leadership speaker, ambassador, author, advisory board member and chairman at conferences and events, including CIODAY, 600Minutes Executive IT, Enterprise Information Management and the World AI Show & World Blockchain Summit. Here, he shares his vision on how strategic information management and emerged technologies makes organizations future-proof and stay ahead of the competition.